The New Nurse Educator: Mastering Academe 2ed

The New Nurse Educator: Mastering Academe 2ed

Edition:2 edition

Author(s) : Deborah Hunt (Author)

Year :2017

ISBN :0826181821 ,9780826181824

Pages :370 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :8192 KB

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This unequalled resource guides novice nurse educators step-by-step through the challenging process of transitioning from service to academe. It comprehensively addresses not only the fundamentals of teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development, but also the entire spectrum of skills and duties required of the nurse educator. This second edition delivers two new chapters devoted to the hospital-based educator, global health issues, and the future of nursing education. It includes new clinical teaching models and pedagogies and emphasizes the use of technology in a variety of teaching and learning strategies. Key updates examine the current and future nursing workforce, emerging and evolving nursing programs, and innovative trends in curricula design, along with new information on infectious diseases, genomics, and legal and ethical concerns.

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