Literacy: Reading, Writing and Children's Literature

Literacy: Reading, Writing and Children's Literature

Edition:5 edition

Author(s) : Gordon Winch (Author), Rosemary Ross Johnston (Author), Paul March (Author)

Year :2014

ISBN :9780195521160,0195521161

Pages :848 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :16.7MB

Summary :

Literacy: Reading, Writing and Children's Literature, Fifth Edition is most comprehensive text in English Education for pre-service teachers. It covers the whole literacy curriculum: reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing and illustrates how pre-service teachers can use theory in their classrooms. This accessible text is rich with practical examples, classroom scenarios, and revision questions help readers to put theory into practice. Teaching examples highlight effective assessment practices and it demonstrates how to teach to a range of learning abilities from beginning through to accomplished.

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