Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games 1st Edition

Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games 1st Edition

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) : Nicholas B. Zeman (Author)

Year :2017

ISBN : 1138628832,9781138628830

Pages :296 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :5705 KB

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The evolution of story-telling is as old as the human race; from the beginning, when our ancestors first gathered around a campfire to share wondrous tales through oral traditions, to today, with information and stories being shared through waves and filling screens with words and images. Stories have always surrounded us, and united us in ways other disciplines can't. Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games lays out the construct of the story, and how it can be manipulated by the storyteller through sound, video, lighting, graphics, and color. This book is the perfect guide to aspiring storytellers as it illustrates the different manner of how and why stories are told, and how to make them "interactive." Storytelling features heavy game development as a method of storytelling and delivery, and how to develop compelling plots, characters, settings, and actions inside a game. The concept of digital storytelling will be explored, and how this differs from previous incarnations of mediums for stories

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