Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering 1st Edition

Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering 1st Edition

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) : Umberto Spagnolini (Author)

Year :2017

ISBN :1119293979,9781119293972

Pages :565 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :42868.0 KB

Summary :

This book takes a pragmatic approach in solving a set of common problems engineers and technicians encounter when processing signals. In writing it, the author drew on his vast theoretical and practical experience in the field to provide a quick-solution manual for technicians and engineers, offering field-tested solutions to most problems engineers can encounter. At the same time, the book delineates the basic concepts and applied mathematics underlying each solution so that readers can go deeper into the theory to gain a better idea of the solution’s limitations and potential pitfalls, and thus tailor the best solution for the specific engineering application.

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