Law for Purchasing and Supply

Law for Purchasing and Supply

Edition:3 edition

Author(s) : Margaret Griffiths (Author),‎ Ivor Griffiths (Author)

Year :2002

ISBN :0273646796,9780273646792

Pages :384 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :10458 KB

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Law for Purchasing and Supply divides this complex area of the law into five logical parts: chapters introduce a topic area, explain the relevant law and give examples of how the law is applied in practice. This step-by-step approach enables the authors to maintain a comprehensive coverage of the subject, while ensuring it remains accessible. Law for Purchasing and Supply, 3rd edition, has been fully updated to take account of new legislation and case law, including the introduction of the Competition Act 1998 and recent judicial decisions which, together with incoming European legislation, affect basic rights under the Sale of Goods. The relationship between civil and criminal law in this area is examined and the implications of future developments are discussed.

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