Bible Update World Then and Now

Bible Update World Then and Now

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :Enoch Metatron

Year :2016

ISBN :1539974138 978-1539974130

Pages :242 pages

Language :English

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The major and greatest hollywood type movie production ever produced unknowingly right under the feet of the 99.9999 percent of ignorant and mildly retarded creatures that are called humans. Ancient secrets tracing and connecting the links from king adam and the Adamic and Royal Adamic bloodlines up and until today. The evil powers that where then are now. Delving deeply into the unseen world. The shadow world that digs its claws into everything here on the illusion called earth. Politicians are a bunch of jokers and actors in the forefront and merely are for show in order to delude the population into thinking that there really is a vote. The shadows are where the real decisions are generated and executed from. It’s just a way for the bullshit churches and synagogues of the luciferian order, the so called christians and so called jews, to control the people and suffer them, to keep them down and poor, and work them like donkeys for the nephilim, canaanite masters of this world. this is the partial culmination of 41 years of extremely extensive studying of extremely deep subjects, including ancient history and very diverse and varied supernatural subjects. since i was 13 i have been researching the unseen realms that are behind the physical world. This book is aligned with the 50 or so banned books of the ancient scripts they call the bible. The new testament is nothing without the old testament and the old testament is nothing without the other 50 or so books that were banned and hidden by the Canaanites, Edomites, Amalekites, and Nephilim giant offspring axis. GIANTS ARE BACK NONSENSE THE FLOOD THE GIANTS ARE BACK. EXAMPLE THE SCYTHIAN RUSSIAN HALF IS CONTROLLING THE SEMITIC SARMATIAN HALF IN RUSSIA. GIANTS, IN THE FORM OF THE SMELLY PUTRID NEVER BATHING VULGAR VERMIN FRANKS, WERE ALLIED WITH THE CANAANITE ROMANS AND MILITARILY SAVED THE ROMANS FROM GERMANIC RULE. THE CREATOR AND DESTROYER PLAIN AND SIMPLY DESTROYED ALMOST ALL THE MURDEROUS CANNIBAL GIANTS BEFORE THE FLOOD ONLY TO RECREATE THE EXACT SAME SITUATION IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FLOOD. DECEPTION AGAIN AS WAS IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN IMMEDIATELY AND CONSTANTLY SENDING HIS OTHER HALF THE DEVIL CAMOUFLAGE TO INCESSANTLY HOUND AND BOTHER KING ADAM. WHY WAS THE DEVIL HALF OF THE CREATOR EVEN ALLOWED INTO THE GARDEN. THE CREATOR CERTAINLY AND SURELY KNOWS THAT A HUMAN IS NOT MATCH AGAINST THE DEVIL. WHY WAS THE DEVIL ALLOWED TO PLANT THE SEED OF CAIN INSIDE THE WOMB OF ADAM’S SECOND WIFE EVE “HAHVAH”. ALL PART OF HIS DIABOLICAL PLAN TO SOW STRIFE ON EARTH. HIS GREAT WORK OF EVIL. LET US HOPE AND PRAY THAT THERE IS SOME SANITY TO THE DEVIL’S AND GOD’S INSANITY. EARTH, THE DEVIL AND GOD’S SLAUGHTERING AND SEXUAL PERVERSION STOMPING GROUNDS. NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. ALL THE GOOD IS CURRENTLY AND HAS BEEN SINCE CREATION CONTROLLED BY THE EVIL DEVIL SEED. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. THE CRIES OF THE HEINOUSLY TORTURED REACHED THE SKIES AS WAS SAID IN THE ANCIENT BOOKS SO THE FLOOD WAS ISSUED AND THEN RIGHT AFTER THE WATERS RECEDED NOAH’S THIRD SON WAS RIGHT BACK CONJURING UP THE ANCIENT EVIL BEINGS. LOOK AT HISTORY. THE ASSYRIANS RIPPING AND GUTTING THE STOMACHS OF THE POPULATION AND TERRORIZING THE MIDDLE EAST FOR A HUNDRED YEARS AND THEN THE CREATOR SENDS IN THE AKKADIANS TO GIVE EQUALITY AND PEACE TO ALL. WORLD WAR TWO HELL ON EARTH AND THEN WORLD PARTY AND FULL LEFT WING SWING. AND NOW HE IS SHIFTING INTO THE EXTREME RIGHT FASCIST STATE. IT IS JUST A GAME, IT IS ALL A GAME. AS I SEE IT. I MAY BE WRONG. I HOPE THAT I AM WRONG. ONLY EARTH BEING A GIANT PRISON FOR THE UNIVERSAL TROUBLEMAKERS COULD EXPLAIN ALL THE SHIT HERE. AS IT IS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE, THE EARTH WAS CREATED FOR HIS PLEASURE. AND THE EVIL DEMONIC DEVIL RULERS ON EARTH ARE CONSTANTLY DIVIDING AND PITTING THE GOOD FORCES AGAINST EACH OTHER WITH ALL KINDS OF BRAINWASHING AND MILITARY CAMPAIGNS ENGINEERED TO DIVIDE ALL POSSIBILITIES OF ANY UNITY BETWEEN THE FORCES OF GOOD.

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