Dendritic Cell Protocols

Dendritic Cell Protocols

Edition:1 edition

Author(s) :Stephen P. Robinson, Andrew J. Stagg

Year :2001

ISBN :9780896035843, 9781592591503, 0896035840

Pages :425\425

Language :English

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Stephen P Robinson, MD, PhD, and Andrew Stagg, PhD, have brought together a wide range of time-proven methods for studying these dendritic cells. Many of these readily reproducible techniques deal with the problem of obtaining sufficient dendritic cells for analysis, whether by isolation from a wide vareity of tissues, or from various progenitor cell populations. Other methods describe in step-by-step fashion the techniques commonly used for analyzing aspects of dendritic cells, ranging from cell migration to antigen uptake and T cell stimulation. In addition, a few techniques explore the practical challenges involved in using dendritic cells in a clinical setting to develop novel immunotherapeueutics.

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