Climate Change Law and Policy, Aspen Elective Series

Climate Change Law and Policy, Aspen Elective Series


Author(s) :Hari Osofsky and Lesley McAllister

Year :2012

ISBN :9780735577169,0735577161

Pages :476 pages

Language :English

Extension :PDF

Size :2827 KB

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Pioneers in an emergent field, the authors of Climate Change Law and Policy have created a modular and accessible text with extensive web resources. Designed for 2- and 3-credit courses, discussion, commentary, and exercises are integrated into every chapter. Tracing key legal developments, the scope of this landmark text spans international, United States, foreign, state and local, and nongovernmental efforts to address climate change. A concise text that takes a global view, Climate Change Law and Policy features: accessible and modular format that can adapt to a variety of teaching objectives timely coverage of key legal developments in climate change control around the world discussion of the role of non-nation-state actors in forming climate change policy, including cities, corporations, NGO's, and individuals draws from commentary of leading experts on each topic exercises in each chapter based on major law and policy issues extensive web resources, including updates and links

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